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South Island Son



We are South ISland Son


Melding the finest in Indie-Rock and the sunshine the North West never sees, once described as “Fleet Foxes on holiday” the quartet are for fans of big shirts and Docs. With a shared love of long walks in the rain and allergies to sunlight, these northern lads thought it best to keep together.


Vocals, Guitar / Jonny Woodhead
Drums / Dan Wiebe
Guitar / Tom Rothery
Bass / Ben Wiltshire

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Any listener is thrown into a bind with their first play of “One Year At Sea”, noting an edginess within a ‘something to prove’ mentality. Only to be followed by a crispness and clarity that distills it all—begging the question of who really are these guys?
The debut release ‘One Year At Sea’ delivers a tropical energy and a richness of americana, as if to say it was Vance Joy flirting with Jack Johnson but instead finds comfort in dancing the night away with Paul Simon.